Latin Spanish


Latin Spanish is distinct from European Spanish and is useful for anyone with an interest in business, trade, education, communication and tourism.

  • Education and Communication: The vast majority (80%!) of the world’s 500 million native Spanish speakers live in Latin America and a further 8% (also Latin-speaking) live in the United States.
  • Business and Investment: Latin America is home to one of the world’s largest economies today (Mexico) and several other fast emerging markets (including Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Peru) making it useful for business, trade and investment purposes.
  •  Tourism and Travel: Millions of people visit South America each year to explore its many natural wonders, including those of Machu Picchu in Cusco, the Galapagos Islands, Patagonia and Chichen Itza.



All our teachers are native Latin Spanish speakers, highly qualified and with years of experience in the region.

Our Latin Spanish classes cover the four basic language-learning skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) with a particular focus on verbal communication.

In addition to learning differences in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary and expressions, our classes are designed to familiarise the student with life and culture in South America.

These specialist classes are tailored to meet the particular needs of each individual, be it for the purpose of travel, business or personal advancement.