Spanish Lessons in London

With over 500 million speakers, Spanish is now the second most widely spoken language in the world after English. Learn Latin American Spanish a whole continent not only one country as is Spain. Dele Exam preparation for work or study in Spanish. Business Spanish, enhance your career, for your holidays or your personal life. Travel, communicate or do business in Spanish with confidence.

Spanish Lessons by Skype

If you can not go to your Spanish classes, 

I encourage you to have a free lesson with me 

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                                          Spanish Lessons by Skype

Miguel Stucchi, MBA. MA.

Master in Spanish Language Teaching

Specialised in Spanish Teaching by Video Call.

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DELE Exam Preparation 

Private Lesson per hour: £30.00

Next DELE Exam in London Written May 16th, Oral May 15th/16th

Inscription until March 18thRegister DELE Exam London 

Courses in London. All Levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


We prepare people to do the best DELE EXAM  in all levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Be confident and do the exam to certify your level in Spanish with our DELE EXAM preparation. We are the best, you will see. If you are not native in the Spanish Language, come with us to our Spanish Lessons London, and if you want to study at a University in Spanish, our DELE exam preparation will give you the real tools to give an amazing DELE exam A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2. Trust in our experience and our skills to give you a real DELE exam preparation

Spanish Lessons by Skype

£20.00 per hour

Are you too busy to take Spanish lessons at a school or you do not like to have people at home or your office, or you do not have enough time? Do you prefer to take your lessons one day at home, next time at the office and the next one anywhere and at flexible times? If you think flexibility, and to be comfortable wherever you want is the best for you, try our Spanish Lessons Skype. Our Spanish Lessons Skype are easier for everybody, for you the student and for the teacher, and are therefore cheaper for you.

Latin American Spanish for Business

Private Lesson per hour: £30.00

Latin Business Spanish London

Business Spanish London

The only Latin American Spanish Class for Business in London. Offering specialist Spanish Language Lessons for businesses, organisations as well as both private and multinational corporate clients with interests in Latin American markets. As the only fully qualified language teachers with MBA qualifications and lengthy experience working in different sectors, industries and countries throughout the world. Our Latin American Business Spanish Classes are now in The Carbon Trust, Inmarsat, UCL, and others. In a class, students learn the same topic developed in Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile and the whole South America, Central America, Caribbean and even Miami and California where people also speak Spanish. Students also learn Geography, History and the Culture of all this beautiful latin places. Ask for a Business Latin Spanish Lesson trial.

Spanish Lessons London

Individually or in groups, according to your needs, goals and subject to your ability, whether it is at home, your office or in a classroom. Our Spanish Lessons in London are really good. You will have Spanish Lessons in London from native teachers from Latin America and from Spain.


GCSE Spanish Private Tuition London

GCSE/A-LEVEL four requirements of the exam; speaking, listening, writing and reading. In High or Foundation level.

Vacations and Leisure

We teach you at all different levels how to communicate with people when you travel, meet friends and to prepare your vacations to South America, Carribean, Central America or to Spain. The more Spanish you speak before you go on your holidays the more enjoyable and rewarding your time  abroad will be. Or if you want to know more about the culture, to understand better its richness and beauty, why don´t you let us help you improve your spanish to a level where you can read Mario Vargas Llosa, Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra in their original? We will be delighted to accompany you on this journey!

Method for learning Spanish

We use the Communicative Method. Spanish lessons are based on interactive, communicative – based learning in individual or small group settings to improve each student’s reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as fast and fun as possible.